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Presented here are Lab works and sessions in C++ programming language and each program or lab work consists of one or related more objects. Errors have been tried at their max to be eliminated however you must accept if any. Please, note that all this work is the raw presentation of the classroom assignment in computer programming for basic learners in C++.

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Object 1:

Exercise on writing, compiling and executing sample program in C++ ie
>> Program to convert Celsius into Fahrenheit scale using manipulators and specified display

Object 2:

To understand various control structures and functions, structured programming in C++
>> Program to print various * patterns and structures

Object 3:

        Program to find 2nd highest of a list of 10 numbers by comparing numbers

Object 4:

        Program to compute value of exponential series

Object 5:

        Program to convert binary numbers to decimal and vice versa

Object 6:

        Program to find the sum of digits of an integer and continue summing the digits till the last sum is single digit ie for 157 > 1+5+7=13 > 1+3=4

Object 7:

        WAP to sum sequence of integers. Assume that the 1st integer read specifies the no of values remaining to be entered,
        your program should read only one value per input statement

Object 8:

Understanding function prototype, body and parameter passing by value
Program to compute factorial of a number by recursion
example of parameters passing by value

Object 9:

Understanding parameter passing by reference
Program to compute area and perimeter of a circle
example of parameters passing by reference

Object 10:

Understanding inline functions
Program to find the greater of the 2 input numbers

Object 11:

Understanding function overloading
Program to sum 2 to 3 numbers using function overloading concept

Object 12:

        Program which has a function called area that returns area of a circle with a single input and that of rectangle with 2 inputs

Object 13:

        Program which has a function called area that returns area of a circle with a single input and that of rectangle with 2 inputs
        Example of function overloading

Object 14:

        Program which corresponds between entered number or/and character

Object 15:

    WAP to calculate interest using function, using trailing arguments, default value

Object 16:

Passing structure to a function and returning structure
WAP to add two distances using function. Each distance consists of feet and inch. The function should return the resultant structure, print the result from another function as (5'7")

Object 17:

Passing structure using reference
Rewriting the above program ie Obj 16 using a reference parameter to return the result of addition

Object 18:

        Illustration of classes in c++


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